Suave Latin Color
Classic Dong-white 10" Cd
Classic Dong-black 10" Cd
Jumbo Jack / Man O' War Cd
Jumbo Jac/man O'war Black Cd
Realistic Cock 6" Bx
Realistic Cock 8" Cd
Realistic Cock-6" Black Bx
Realistic Cock-8" Black Bx
Realistic Cock-6" Brown(mulatto) Bx
Realistic Cock-8" Mulatto Bx
Dong 8" Cotton Candy 8" Mr Softee
Dong Baby Blue 8" Mr Softee
Mister Perfect
Platinum Legend Purple
Bender Dong- White 8" Cd
Bender Dong-black 8" Cd
Ballsy Super Cock-7" X 1.75" Cd
Ballsy Super Cock-9" X 2" Cd
Ballsy Super Cock-black 6" X 1.5" Cd
Ballsy Super Cock-black 9" X 2" Cd
Big Boy 12" White
Big Boy 12" Black
Kong-the Realistic Bx
Ultra Skin Cock-6" Cd
Raging 7" Ballsy Cd
Ultra Skin Raging 8" Dong Bx
Ultra Skin Raging 10" Dong Bx
Ultra Skin Raging 9" Ballsy Cd
Classic 8" Pink Jelly Cd
Classic 8" Clear Jelly Cd
Classic 8" Crystal Jellie Purple
Classic 10" Pink Jelly Cd
Classic 10" Clear Jelly Cd
Classic 10" Purple Jellie
Raging 8" Dong Cd
Blush Ur3 7" Bulge
Ultra Skin Cock-8" Cd
The Realistic Cock Ur3 Black 6"
The Realistic Cock Ur3 Black 8"
The Realistic Cock Ur3 Brown 6"
The Realistic Cock Ur3 Brown 8" Bx
Blush Ur3 8" Dong Cd
Blush Ur3 10" Dong Cd
Blush Ur3 6" Ballsy Cd
Blush Ur3 7" Ballsy Cd
Blush Ur3 6" Bulge
Big Boy Pink Jellie Dong 12"
Perfect Peter Penis
Paul Suction Cock Beige Bulk
Loverboy Pizza Boy Beige
Loverboy Mr Fix It Beige
Perfectly Thick 6.5" Cock Brown Bulk
Hung Rider Trigger Beige
Tex Xl Suction Cock Beige Bulk
Trigger Black Bulk
Perfectly Thick 8" Cock Brown Bulk
Sweet N Hard 2 Pink
Sweet N Hard 2 Blue
Loverboy Pool Boy Beige
Basically Yours Blue Bulk
Stud Muffin Beige
Ricky Rodeo Brown Bulk
Sweet N Hard 3 Clear
Basic 8.5" With Suction Cup Beige
Mr Slim Natural
Ai Pink
Roberto Latin Color
Loverboy Surfer Dude Beige
Stewart Suction Cock Beige Bulk
Basically Yours Pink Bulk
Cowboy Blue Bulk
Loverboy Cowboy Beige
X5 Hard On Natural
Whole Package Suction Dong Beige Bulk
X5 Hard On Brown
Anthony Natural
Jerome Brown
Basic 5" Beige
Lucky 5" Purple Bulk
X5 5" Cock W/flexible Spine
Carlito Latin Color
Basic 7" With Suction Cup Beige
Antonio Latin Color
X5 7" Dildo W/flexible Spine
Sweet N Hard 2 Clear
Hung Rider Mitch Beige
Matt Xl Suction Cock Beige Bulk
Ramrod 8" Cock Brown Bulk
Loverboy Soldier Boy Beige
Basic 7.5" With Suction Cup Beige
Butch Black Bulk
Hung Rider Rex Beige W/free Spunk Lube
Hung Rider Brock Beige
Barry Xl Suction Cock Beige (bulk)