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    Id Extra Large Condom 3pk

    Id Extra Large Condom 3pk

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    ID Extra Large Lubricated Condom 3 Pack. Large and in charge. Extra Large Lubricated Condoms are strong yet sensitive, designed to enhance your intimate experience while keeping you safe. This exciting vibrant foil with a natural clear latex condom is made with the same focus on quality you have come to expect from the makers of ID Personal Lubricants. ID Lubricated Condoms features: extra large. Strong yet sensitive. Ultra Smooth Lubricant. Materials: Latex. Birth control, contraception, pregnancy prevention, disease prevention, safer sex practice. Please note this product is made using latex and may not be suitable for all skin types especially those with rubber, latex allergies.

    Material: latex
    Brand: ID Lube

    Price:  $4.75

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