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    S&m Breathable Ball Gag

    S&m Breathable Ball Gag S&m Breathable Ball Gag S&m Breathable Ball Gag

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    S&M Breathable Ball Gag silent Communication. She lost the bet and I intended for her to honor it. She loves to talk. She talks on the phone, talks to the neighbors, talks to strangers, and talks to me while I am trying to watch TV. But she lost the bet, and I was in for a night of blissful silence. Of course she spoke right up until the second I placed the ball gag in her mouth, and then nothing. A conquering champion I strode to the couch to finally watch my show in peace. It didn't dawn on me that she would find other ways to distract my viewing pleasure, nor did I realize at that time how much I would come to encourage her soundless distractions. Bondage sex restraint forces mouth to remain open. Prevents partner from talking. One size fits most. First couples use for intervals of 30 minutes or less. Jaw injury may be possible if used for too long of period of times. Sportsheets redefining S&M. New images added August 20, 2013.

    Brand: Sport Sheets

    Price:  $15.55

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