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    Hog Tie & Cuffs Set

    Hog Tie & Cuffs Set Hog Tie & Cuffs Set Hog Tie & Cuffs Set Hog Tie & Cuffs Set

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    A timeless bondage classic. Four adjustable cuffs clip around a heavy-duty metal o-ring. Comfortable cuffs adjust for easy on and easy off with Velcro closures. Sportsheets the classic bondage position. 5 Piece Hog Tie Set is a best seller for many reasons, first it works. Hardly any assembly required. Easy to use, comfortable to wear There is no better way to restrain your partner! Outstanding adult fun. 4 adjustable cuffs wrap comfortably around the wrists and ankles. Hooks easily attach to the center ring for a quick and easy way to secure your partner. No bondage experience required to use this device the 5 piece hog tie set! Category: Restraint, Roleplay, Restraint Play. Classic bondage restraint works great as a sex position device. If you like this then check these out! 7 Piece Fantasy Restraint Kit, Beginners Bondage Fantasy, Romantic Restraint Kit and Sports Cuffs and Tethers Kit. 5 Piece Hog Tie & Cuffs Set is a registered trademark for Sportsheets. Keeping couples connected. New images added 2013. 2012 purple clamshell.

    Color: Black
    Material: Metal, Fabric, Velcro
    Length: 12
    Height: 1.38
    Brand: Sport Sheets

    Price:  $43.15

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