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    S&m Beginner's Handcuffs S&m Beginner's Handcuffs

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    Sex and Mischief Beginners Handcuffs. Wanting to explore the world of bondage? The Beginner's Handcuff from Sex and Mischief is a perfect way to get started. Tie your partner up and tease every inch of their body. Made of super soft material, you can have painless seduction. So much fun, you'll want to play adult bondage games all day. Don't let your lover get away! It includes 2 soft velboa cuffs with easy on, easy off closures, and 2 snap link connectors. Bend Me Shape Me Anyway You Want. I was by no means a beginner yet every now he would tell me to bring out the Beginner's Cuffs, and I, as ever, dutifully obliged. He delighted in seeing how many different positions he could mold my body, and I enjoyed the intense pleasure these positions brought him. I knew the importance of a daily stretching routine, because the importance of nightly stretching was paramount to our creative role play. New images added August 21, 2013.

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