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    Black Padded Blindfold

    Black Padded Blindfold

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    Kinklab Black Padded Blindfold. Blindfolds or masks are sensory toys. When one of the senses are removed those remaining become heightened. The blindfold wearer will have a heightened sense of smell, touch and hearing. There is also a heightened sense of anticipation and suspense which can substantially increase the users pleasure and satisfaction. Non-leather padded blindfold is soft, synthetic polyurethane. Classic style blindfold is made of soft, cleanable materials and features an elastic band with a satin finish that won't snag hair. One size fits most. Available in pink or black. Kinklab Black Padded Blindfold item number KL923, Kinklab Pink Padded Blindfold item number KL924. Each sold separately. Kinklab.

    Color: Black
    Material: Polyurethane
    Brand: Kink Labs

    Price:  $16.75

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