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    Endurance Clamp

    Endurance Clamp Endurance Clamp Endurance Clamp Endurance Clamp

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    Endurance Nipple Clamps with Link Chain. Focus pain and pleasure when you try out this simple but erotically effective nipple clamp chain combo. Made of two strong rubber-tipped endurance style clamps, the central chain is lightweight enough for extended wear, but with just the right amount of heft for arousal. Endurance clamps have a tight hold and are best suited to experienced nipple clamp enthusiasts. The perfect way to enhance BDSM and kink play, the clamps remain taut with a central spring design, and are not adjustable. Color: Black, Silver Type: Nipple Clamps Material: Metal Type: Endurance Special Features: Connecting Chain. Spartacus A Passion for Quality Catalog page 11. New images added February 1, 2013.

    Color: Silver
    Material: Metal, Rubber
    Length: 4
    Height: 8
    Brand: Spartacus

    Price:  $19.15

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