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    Adult Play Toy Cleaner W/spray Pink

    Adult Play Toy Cleaner W/spray Pink

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    My Joy Collection Play Safe Toy Cleaner is compatible with all types of adult toy materials. Play Safe is a liquid toy cleanser with a handy spray pump top. This product was developed specifically for cleaning adult toys. Does not contain Nonoxynol-9 and is Alcohol free. Wards off Bacterial infections. Superior in quality and 100% Natural. To use, simply spritz the toy all over and rinse with water. Pat the toy dry before storing and enjoy your next play session, knowing your toys are nice and clean. Play safe contains Nonoxynol-9, which keeps toy surfaces clean and kills any sperm that may be present on or in the toy. Ideal for both men's and women's sex toys, Play Safe is a great accessory to any toy collection. Type: Toy Cleaner Volume: 4.5 ounces (130ml) .Kingman My Joy Collection from Kingman My Joy Collection 2011 Catalog page 6. Made in the USA

    Brand: Kingman Industries

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