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    Medusa Lg-xl Medusa Lg-xl Medusa Lg-xl Medusa Lg-xl

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    Medusa Teddy Large - Extra Large Women's fetish gear, made of stretch faux leather open bust teddy with nickel-plated studs, open crotch, g-string back and elastic straps. Paddle, boots not included. One piece, women can feel sexy and comfortable in these body-hugging designs whether worn in the bedroom, or on the dance floor. Lust fetish lingerie is an array of sensual, dark, provocative lingerie that emanates with desire. Unlike classic leather lingerie, Lust is constructed from an alternative fabric with all the advantages of leather but without the cost, or the stiffness that can come from leather lingerie. Vegan and animal friendly, Lust fetish lingerie is made from Cire, a nylon spandex treated fabric that gives you the sleek look of leather but without the escalated price tag attached to it. This unique fabric emanates the allure of sexy wet look lingerie while both comfortable and supportive to any body type. Women's Fetish Lingerie Lust series from Male Power / Magic Silk. Actual Package Size Height 11.75 inches Width 6.00 inches Depth 1.75 inches.

    Color: Black
    Material: Cire
    Length: 1.75
    Height: 11.75
    Brand: Male Power Lingerie

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