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    Dr Clockwork Body Contact Dr Clockwork Body Contact

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    Dr Clockwork Body Contact. Hold the handle and create tingling sensations with your finger tips or any other body part. Anything metal is now your toy! Extremely flexible and will never dry out or crack. Elegant brass finish. The body contact is the single most important accessory in your violet wand kit. Create tingling sensations for your partner with your fingertips or any other body part. There are two basic ways to use the body contact. Hold the handle firmly and your touch becomes electrified, or have your partner hold it and pull the electricity from any part of their body. For more advanced play, hold any metal object and lightly trace it over your partners skin for a truly intense sensation. The Dr. Clockwork body contact comes spark gapped for safety, with an elegant black and brass finish. The revolutionary silicone insulated wire is soft and supple to the touch and is extremely flexible for ease of use and movement. It is guaranteed to never dry out, crack, or lose any of its flexibility. The Dr. Clockwork body contact is the only contact accessory on the market that is made from wire rated for 50,000 volts, making it, by far, the most efficient accessory in its class. Get the most out of your violet wand with the Dr. Clockwork body contact. Dr. Clockwork's Home for Electrical and Medical Oddities from Lebanon, New Jersey.

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